Quote Of The Day 07/05/2019

TUESDAY, 07/05/2019:

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‘It wasn’t right that you could only understand your parents’ pain once you’d experienced the things they had, and by then they were gone.’

– J. Courtney Sullivan

Quote Of The Day 06/05/2019

MONDAY, 06/05/2019:

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‘… and now I am back in the grey world where it tastes like plastic, the monotony is buzzing through my jaws and the boredom is pulling my hair.’

– Anna Jae


Quote Of The Day 05/05/2019

SUNDAY, 05/05/2019:

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‘Time is the enemy of lovers. Worse even than the frank light of day.’

– Joyce Carol Oates

Quote Of The Day 04/05/2019

SATURDAY, 04/05/2019:

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‘Souls do not have calendars or clocks, nor do they understand the notion of time or distance. They only know it feels right to be with one another.’

– Lang Leav

Quote Of The Day 03/05/2019

FRIDAY, 03/05/2019:

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‘People who allow their situations and other people to change who they are each die having been many people.’

– Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Quote Of The Day 02/05/2019

THURSDAY, 02/05/2019:

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‘It’s beautiful when someone recognises and appreciates us for who we are, for how we are, without trying to change us, and without any judgment. Unconditional acceptance is the truest form of love.’

– Akiroq Brost

Quote Of The Day 01/05/2019

WEDNESDAY, 01/05/2019:

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‘The only place I ever felt at home was with you. There isn’t a place for me anymore… I’ve been evicted.’

– Ranata Suzuki

Quote Of The Day 30/04/2019

TUESDAY, 30/04/2019:

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‘The moment hung in time like a drop of honey from a spoon, heavy, golden.’

– Gail Honeyman

Quote Of The Day 29/04/2019

MONDAY, 29/04/2019:

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‘If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.’

– Woody Allen

Quote Of The Day 28/04/2019

SUNDAY, 28/04/2019:

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‘Ordinary life is pretty complex stuff.’

– Harvey Pekar