Succulents And Self-Care

How looking after another living thing can help you look after yourself.

How looking after another living thing can help you look after yourself.


I’m not going to lie – when I first began collecting house-plants with my significant other, it was mainly because I wanted our living area to look pretty.

But after a while, I began to realise that taking time to look after our prickly friends was becoming more of a soothing past-time, rather than a way to accessorize the house.

My partner used to get home from work, grumpy and tired, stomping up and down the hallway like a grumpy elephant – but once we started accumulating plants, I noticed that the first thing he would do when he got home would be to make a bee-line for his beloved plants.

He’d make sure they weren’t getting too much sunlight in the spot they were in on their shelves, he went and bought a soil thermometer from Bunnings to check they were getting the appropriate amount of water, and he even wanted to make a trip to Kmart to get a pretty new shelf for them to live on.

Because each plant has a different set of needs and requirements, just the same as we do.

I soon realised that my partner’s Self-Care regime was caring for his plants.

Because Self-Care for one person may not look the same to another. My Self-Care regime involves hiding under a blanket and blocking out the world for a while, or having a nice bath with my favourite Lush Bath Bombs.

Caring for his plants gave him something to occupy his mind, get him off the couch and gave him something to be proud of, and that made me happy.

Everyone has days where they get into prickly situations, so to speak. Some days, work is hard, people around us are difficult to deal with, and sometimes things just don’t go the way we planned.

Now I know everyone isn’t born with a green-thumb. I kill pretty much anything that I even attempt to care for (plant wise!), but I have an excellent solution to help you create your own zen space in your home:



Succulents still need tending to, but are a far hardier plant which is generally less susceptible to things like forgetting to water them, or leaving them in the sun too long. Along with being (much) harder to kill, having succulents in your home also provides a range of benefits.


Succulents like Aloe-Vera are perfect for purifying the room you spent all weekend in with the curtains and windows closed, binge-watching Netflix. They were found to be able to remove 87% of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in a study conducted by NASA. VOC’s are basically chemicals that are emitted from different sources. Common places VOC’s are found in the house include carpets, candles, stoves and detergents.


Succulents are still plants. And we all know plants produce Oxygen – something we literally need to survive. All the while, these lovely little guys get rid of the Carbon Dioxide in the air for us… What did we do to deserve such caring room-mates?


The prickly plants are pretty all year round, and come in lots of different colours and sizes – perfect for brightening up a dark, depressing corner in your home. Plus you can choose a perfect little pot for them to live in.


Do you know how many times my partner has brought up his plants at dinner tables and parties? (The answer is a lot). So many people ask him for advice, tag him in Plant Sale Events on Facebook and keep an eye out for new and exciting species for him.