Hopeless Musing #28

Losing Time.


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One minute I’m here, the next minute I’m there. Except from this minute to the next, has thirty more in between that I can’t recall.

I lose time from time to time, when I don’t think I do at all. Sometimes it’s minutes, other times it’s months. Sometimes I remember, sometimes I do not.

Depending who I am, depends on where I am. Depending on who appears, depends on what I know. Depending on who comes out to play, depends on how I act.

I never used to think about it, until I had to think about it. When I realized the different ‘parts’ of me know different parts of me. 

Quote Of The Day 15/03/2019

FRIDAY, 15/03/2019:

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‘But it was the kind of story that doesn’t go away after the first time you tell it so you have to tell it over and over until it goes away for good. If it ever can.’

– Jack Gantos

Quote Of The Day 14/03/2019

THURSDAY, 14/03/2019:

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‘Think of your head as an unsafe neighbourhood; don’t go there alone.’

– Augusten Burroughs

Loose Leaves.

A poem.

pour the kettle.

another pot of tea.

it brews slowly,

turning the water murky

little by little

until it is transformed.


i watch the spirals form

billowing out from the loose leaves

trapped in the strainer

looking neither solid

nor liquid.

they simply are as they are.


the smell of the tea rises.

it is a familiar scent.

it comforts me,

it knows me.

and in my darkest hours

it greets me fondly.


when night falls

and the neighborhood dogs grow silent,

there is a moment

where everything seems content…

except me.

i sigh.


the dust falls around me

as i settle on the couch.

another sleepless night

with company in the form

of my own shadow

and loose leaves.