Book Review: Such a Fun Age.

A review of: Such a Fun Age – By Kiley Reid.



Such a Fun Age.


Kiley Reid


Contemporary/ Fiction







Such a Fun Age, authored by Kiley Reid, follows Emira Tucker – a 25 year-old black woman from Philadelphia, who has no idea what she wants to do with her life. In the meantime though, she works as a babysitter for the Chamberlains – a nice, well-to-do white family who has just moved to town.

But when Emira is filmed being apprehended in a grocery store on suspicion of kidnapping Briar Chamberlain (the child she babysits), things start to snowball. One thing she knows is that she most certainly doesn’t want the video to get out, despite pressure from the boy who filmed it, and her employer, Mrs. Chamberlain.

Emira buries the video, and pretends it never happened.

But the well-meaning white people in Emira’s life can’t seem to let it go, forcing Emira to realise the stark reality of her situation – there’s always someone trying to take control, protect her or help her, even when she never asked.

My Thoughts:

Kiley Reid really brings everything to the table in ‘Such a Fun Age’.

Through character depth and connection, she tells the story of modern American racism, inequality and presumption. Reid’s approach to such broad issues in a way that is both eye-opening and yet not insensitive to others is truly a testament to her personality and writing style.

Such a Fun Age looks at this complex issue from all angles, with an acute understanding of ‘well-meaning’ white people who often overstep and ‘protect’ black people where it is not necessary, not asked for and often not even needed.

Reid has really created a work of art in the pages of ‘Such a Fun Age’, reminding everyone that a subject doesn’t have to be a mystery, for people to still miss the point.

My Rating: 4/5