Quote Of The Day 02/07/2019

TUESDAY, 02/07/2019:

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‘Before I can give you depth, there’s 6 or 7 seas left between who I am and who I will become.’

– Ziggy Alberts

Where The Water Meets The Sand.

A poem.


every now and then

i wonder

how many of these words

do you read

and realise

they were meant for you?


time is a funny thing,

you see,

and one moment

we’re ebbing closer

and the next –

the tide takes you away.


and so i wait on the shore,

where the water meets the sand

and i pray

that one day

you are brought back to me

in one piece.


perhaps it’s wishful thinking

to wait for something

that isn’t promised

but the heart wants what it wants

so patiently

i watch you drift away.


i’ve thought of confessing my love

in a bottle

thrown into the sea,

but instead i write these poems

and i wait

for you to see.

Hopeless Musing #12

The Ocean.


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The ocean has a strange nostalgia about it, don’t you think?

When we’re sad and alone, the ocean is where we go. It’s as if we somehow know that the waters hold secrets that we will never be told, and has answers to the questions we try desperately to find in footpaths and sidewalks, under shadows of buildings that were built to keep us out.

When we’re happy, the ocean takes snapshots, keeping memories of a time not-so-long ago, when we danced in the shallows as the sun bounced off the surface like diamonds.

We seek the ocean in all its glory, as a comfort through the storm, and a friend in the summer. Because the sea never leaves, it always comes when we call on it.


Quote Of The Day 05/04/2019

FRIDAY, 05/04/2019:

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‘And I wonder why it seems that all these good things just grow and die… Maybe that’s just love, it lifts you up and it kills you, all at the same damn time.’

– Ziggy Alberts

Quote Of The Day 04/04/2019

THURSDAY, 04/04/2019:

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‘When it comes to doing great things, it’s less a matter of vision and more a matter of bravery.’

– Craig D. Lounsbrough

Quote Of The Day 03/03/2019

SUNDAY, 03/03/2019:

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‘Time is the enemy of lovers. Worse even than the frank light of day.’

– Joyce Carol Oates

Quote Of The Day 02/03/2019

SATURDAY, 02/03/2019:

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‘Whenever I look at the ocean, I always want to talk to people, but when I’m talking to people, I always want to look at the ocean.’

– Haruki Murakami

Quote Of The Day 06/02/2019

WEDNESDAY, 06/02/2019:


‘True love is finding your soulmate in your best friend.’

– Faye Hall

Golden Hour.

A poem.

step by step

the sand sinks deeper into my shoes

infiltrating my socks

squeezing between my toes,

and the abrasiveness

reminds me i still feel something.


slowly, slowly

the breeze pulls my hair loose

until it billows around me

like the sheets on the line

after they’ve been hung to dry

like i have.


the smell of the ocean

is like an old friend

i breathe the nostalgia in

and it takes me

far away from here

to a happier place.


little by little,

the sun sets on another day

and the world turns golden,

reminding me of you

and the way your eyes shine

when you smile.



i walk.

waiting for another day,

praying for a time already passed

breathing the ocean air

until my tears dry up.


step by step,

little by little,

breath by breath.

slowly, slowly,

lonely, i walk in this golden hour

until darkness comes once more.




Quote Of The Day 26/01/2019

SATURDAY, 26/01/2019:

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‘In the end we discover that to love and let go can be the same thing.’

– Jack Kornfield