Quote Of The Day 05/01/2020

SUNDAY, 05/01/2020:

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‘Most people die at 25 and aren’t buried until they’re 75.’

– Benjamin Franklin

Quote Of The Day 20/12/2019

FRIDAY, 20/12/2019:

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‘Hate the sin, love the sinner.’

– Mahatma Gandhi

Quote Of The Day 08/10/2019

TUESDAY, 08/10/2019:

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‘Your subconscious mind is paying attention to how you treat yourself.’

– Sam Owen

Quote Of The Day 02/09/2019

MONDAY, 02/09/2019:

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‘If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.’

– Taryn Williams

Quote Of The Day 18/08/2019

SUNDAY, 18/08/2019:

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‘Half the pain in human life comes from gazing in mirrors.’

– Marty Rubin

Quote Of The Day 17/08/2019

SATURDAY, 17/08/2019:

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‘Love without sacrifice is like theft.’

– Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Quote Of The Day 07/07/2019

SUNDAY, 07/07/2019:

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‘Nobody’s perfect. We’re all just one step up from the beasts and one step down from the angels.’

– Jeannette Walls