An update on where I’ve been.

I would like to thank everyone for their continued support of ‘The Art of Overthinking’. As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted anything in a while – this is because I have been collaborating on a project with a good friend of mine, Robyn. It has taken precedent, as the project in question in a new blog, entirely separate from ‘The Art of Overthinking’.

The new blog, which is independent of this particular blog, is called ‘Bringing Justice‘, and hopes to shed light on issues surrounding Justice, including: Derek Bromley, Aboriginal/ Indigenous Deaths in Custody, the Black Lives Matter movement, and general issues of injustice within Australia and beyond.

I would very much encourage you to take the time to have a look at ‘Bringing Justice‘, and hope it can be a way for you to learn more, start a conversation, or simply see a different perspective. I will be focusing more energy into ‘Bringing Justice‘ for the time being, while also working to re-model ‘The Art of Overthinking’ to still be an active site.

Although I have had a lot of fun with ‘The Art of Overthinking’, I believe that the current issues our society (and world) face are much more pressing than my own musings. People of Colour are suffering and dying everyday at the hands of a system that is racist, suppressive and unfair in the extreme. Injustices are occurring more frequently, rather than less frequently, and I believe that there needs to be a change. And I would like to be a part of that change, in any way that I can.

Much love,


Editor’s Note: DECEMBER.

What a year we have had!

What a year we have had!

This month, I decided I wouldn’t do a post at the start of the month – mainly because I wanted to leave it until Christmas Day and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and New Year all at once.

For me, I was brought up to believe in the tradition of Christmas. However, whatever you believe (or don’t believe) I wish for every single one of you to be safe and happy, no matter what you get up to over December and in to January.

Mostly, I believe in love, family, friends and fun – things that are universally accepted as good things.

So let’s all focus on the good things we have in our lives, and learn to see the good in each other, rather than the bad – the similarities, rather than the differences – and look out for one and other.

This time of year can be difficult for some people, for all types of reasons. So please, extend your hands, rather than withdrawing them – embrace each other, rather than pushing one and other away – and remember that we are all human.

I won’t babble on any longer.

Today, I would like to share with you some of the good things in my life – my family and friends:

I look forward to hearing from everyone in the New Year (2020 – oh my goodness!). It’s going to be a big one – I can feel it!

Stay safe!

Editor’s Note: NOVEMBER.

Christmas is HOW FAR away?!

Excuse me, but where has 2019 gone?!

It feels like only yesterday we were welcoming in 2019 with fireworks in the sky and drinks in our hands… And now we have to start thinking about putting the Christmas tree back up!

They say time flies when you’re having fun… but I think time just flies in general these days – even the days I spend in bed depression-napping seem to be over so quick I can barely remember when I had a shower last.

It’s always this time of year that I start to get both anxious, but also more relaxed.

Yes I know that doesn’t make sense. On the one hand, there are bills to think about, the cost of holiday-time (presents, parties and putting up with undesirable family reunions). And on the other hand, November always promises nice weather (in Australia at least), beers by the beach and longer days, with prettier sunsets.

Green Christmas Tree With String Lights
Photo Of Pineapple Wearing Black Aviator Style Sunglasses And Party Hat

‘Tis The Season…

This year, I’ve decided to cut back on all the novelty crap that comes along with the Christmas Season.

Yes, I’ll still put a Christmas tree up. Yes, I’ll probably dress my sausage dogs in Elf outfits. And yes, I probably will still gain 5 kilograms on Christmas Day from binge eating prawns, cherries, ham and chocolate coins from my siblings’ stockings.

But what I won’t be doing is bothering with the things that don’t contribute to my mental health or happiness.

I’m talking about things like putting up with toxic family members. Or buying unnecessary plastic crap to fill stockings and make the pile under my Christmas tree look bigger or better than someone else’s.

Or wasting money on presents that get opened and forgotten about the same day.

I’ve decided to make a small list of things I want to make happen this Christmas, to truly get back to what Christmas used to mean to me:

  • Don’t Blow The Budget
  • Stop Competing With The Jones’
  • Be Environmentally Aware
  • Appreciate Moments

1. Don’t Blow The Budget…

There have been so many past years where I have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on presents for people.

What I have noticed over the past few years though, is that the list of people never gets shorter, only bigger.

And people’s expectations never get lower, only higher.

Two Gray-and-green Christmas-themed Gift Boxes

So this year, as I start planning my list of people who I want to gift a present to, I’ve decided to:

  • Make some of the presents myself;
  • Cull the list – some people could probably just get a well-written card, and;
  • Stick to my list – no ‘extra’ presents

Maybe that seems a little ‘un-Christmas-y’ to some, but for those who know me, know that I always go out of my way to make everyone’s Christmas amazing. I spend extra on presents. I fill stockings that I bought for siblings I shouldn’t have to look after (but obviously do). I do the whole song and dance.

But the last few years of doing this has left me with a feeling of being unfulfilled, broke and just downright exhausted.

Woman Taking Photo Of Christmas Tree

2. Stop Competing With The Jones’…

Just because someone has it ‘better’ than you doesn’t mean what you have isn’t perfect as it is.

In this age of social-media and instant gratification, it’s so easy to get caught up in the hype of Christmas time.

We don’t need new decorations every year. We don’t need to tell everyone how much we’ve spent on each child or loved one. We don’t need to compete with anyone, in actuality.

Christmas is a time of love, understanding, peace and coming together with people we care about.

Who the hell cares if Sally down the road bought her daughter an iPhone? Who cares if the neighbour up the street has ‘outdone themselves’ this year with the decorations.

I certainly don’t anymore. I just appreciate the fact I have people I can share my life with.

Sometimes we need to remember that there are so many people worse-off than us. People who don’t have family to spend Christmas with. Single mothers who can’t afford to buy their kids the latest gadgets. We need to appreciate what we have.

3. Be Environmentally Aware…

As the future looms ever closer, my household is more aware than ever of the Climate Crisis on hand.

So this year, we’re planning on reducing, reusing and recycling where we can.

That means things like: using paper wrapping. Not buying cracker that contain little plastic toys. Composting leftovers. Gifting things that help the environment, such as plants, eco-friendly bath-bombs, and not buying plastic and tinsel decorations where we can.

There are so many ways to help the environment – but sometimes it takes a conscious choice.

Photo of Landfill
Round Gold-colored Analog Watch With Pink Strap

4. Appreciate Moments…

That’s what Christmas is all about, right? Spending time with loved ones? Catching up. Taking a break.

The other day, I drove my sister (who I look after) to IKEA to buy a new mirror and clothes rack, because we had moved house. Then I spent a good chunk of time sitting on her bedroom floor helping her build them. I love helping her. I love her. And I love building IKEA furniture.

But after we’d put it all together, and helped her hang her clothes, she did something that I loved so much, that I went away and cried (don’t tell her that though).

She came up to me, gave me a hug, and said: ‘Thank-you, I couldn’t have done this without your help.’

And maybe I’m a cry-baby, but that moment was so amazing. It was so nice to be appreciated for a small gesture. And that’s what I want my Christmas this year to be all about.

The small things. The moments that make you tear up a little. The warm, fuzzy feelings that make Christmas feel like you’re 7 again, when you woke up in the morning and Santa drank the beer you left out for him and his reindeer left a half-eaten carrot on the dining room table.

I’m sure I will talk to lots of you beforehand, but I hope you guys have a wonderful November in the lead up to Christmas! And for my American friends, I hope you enjoy Thanksgiving and get to spend time with your loved ones – because that’s what this time of year is all about.

Until next time! x

Editor’s Note: OCTOBER.

Better late than never, they say…

Better late than never, they say…

What a roller-coaster of a month October has been! Thank you all for being so patient with me – I know I usually write my ‘Editor’s Notes’ at the start of the month, rather than at the end.

I decided early last month that I would go on a ‘mini hiatus’ in October, preempting how busy I would be, and I’m so glad that I did.

I used to feel guilty for taking time out for myself, but nowadays I realize just how important it is.

Person Wearing Watch Near the Newspaper

On top of the usual shenanigans, I’ve been settling in to my new job (that I love), helping my brother move house, packing and moving my house (I don’t think it’s possible to move a teenager, a partner and two sausage dogs without having at least 5 mental breakdowns) and catching up with family and friends I haven’t seen in a while.

I guess you could say I’ve been kind of busy – and usually I would still juggle all of that and post daily on ‘The Art of Overthinking’ but this month, I opted to take a step back and use the time I would normally spend on my blog, on some self-care.

White Textile Beside Lit Candle

Rest, Rest, Rest.

Self-care, for me, is spending time by myself. That may seem counter-intuitive for some of my more extroverted friends, but for me, alone time is a time for me to reset and re-evaluate where I’m at.

Solitude is where I place my chaos to rest and awaken my inner peace.

Nikki Rowe

Since starting my job as a Youth Support Worker, self-care has become even more important. As far as I’m concerned, if I’m not in the right head-space, how can I properly look after vulnerable young people?

The answer is simple: I can’t.

So with everything going on this month, I decided to spend some time soul-searching, going back to basics and deciding what my values looked like.

Stop, Pause, Reflect.

During my ‘break’ from blogging, I decided not to check my daily ‘stats’, stopped checking my Pinterest followers and kept my phone on silent.

I spent time with my dear Grannie, who turned 98 this year and still lives independently – it’s amazing how many stories someone has when they’ve been alive since 1921(!).

I went and saw an old friend from Law School, Robyn – one of the strongest, most resilient and passionate people I know. When we were in Law School, Robyn shared with me her reason for studying – to get someone out of prison who shouldn’t be there: Derek Bromley. Derek has been incarcerated for 35 years for a crime he did not commit.

I’ve met Derek multiple times now, and thoroughly believe in his innocence, as well as the amazing work Robyn has done to make Derek’s case known.

Scenic Photo Of Beach During Dawn

Derek’s legal team is currently preparing for the High Court. If you’d like to learn more about Derek’s case, or Miscarriages of Justice in general, I’d implore you to check out Dr. Bob Moles’ website: Networked Knowledge or Google ‘Derek Bromley’.

Oh, Brother!

This time off has also given me extra time to spend with my 5 siblings, including this little cherub, who has just gone 5 months(!).

I love these little people; and it is not a slight thing when they, who are so fresh from God, love us.

Charles Dickens

It’s such a blessing to have so many beautiful humans in my life – especially all my younger siblings, who make my life feel far more important. It’s an amazing feeling to love and be loved.

I’m back, baby!

Thank you all again, for being so patient while I’ve been missing in action.

But now it’s time to start writing again, and hopefully get back to everyone who has messaged, emailed and tried to contact me!

You’ll be hearing from me very soon, I’m sure – with Christmas, New Years’ and all those fun things just around the corner – there’s plenty to talk about!

Enjoy the rest of your October (oh, and a Happy Halloween to my American friends!), look after yourselves – until next time! Xx

Four Sunflowers in Bloom on Teal Surface

Editor’s Note: SEPTEMBER.

And just like that, Winter has passed us by!

And just like that, Winter has passed us by…

I always say that I hate winter – and I do. I don’t like being cold, rained on, shivering and muddy. But winter has been an exciting time for me this year – I’ve taken risks, tried new things, spent time on projects and learned a lot of new skills.

But most of all, this winter has been a time of true reflection. I told you all last month that I was celebrating quitting my office job, seeing a new psychologist and have a new baby brother – and so much more. Mostly though, I’m celebrating the fact that there is a lot of good in the world, if you know where to look.

This past month has been a whirlwind – sometimes I’ve found it hard to even find time to sit down and write anything at all. But it makes me happy, because it means that life is keeping me busy.

Today, I just wanted to let you know about a few things I do to keep me grounded in reflection and improvement – especially when life gets crazy and it feels like time is going faster than normal (it’s SEPTEMBER ALREADY!!).

Photo of Lighted Lantern Lamps
Yellow Pencil Color in Clear Glass Case


This one is pretty self explanatory – but when life feels crazy, one of the best things to help me clear my head is to get it out, and onto paper.


I love reading – but I tend to get interrupted by my partner, my family, my dogs… the list goes on. But here’s the funny thing: no one wants to interrupt me when I’m naked. So chilling out in the bath with a good book is the perfect time to chill out.


This type of reading is sort of like homework to some people, but I love it. I love reading self-help books, books about psychology, nature… things that help me understand myself and my environment better. It’s so nice to have that light-bulb moment like: ‘Oh! That’s why I am like this…’ or ‘Oh! That’s how that works.’


There is something incredible about being on the water at dawn or dusk. Although training can be hard-work physically, the mental benefits are the best thing about it for me. If you haven’t heard of Dragon Boating, I’d sincerely encourage you to have a sus of my blog post on it: 10 Reasons To Try Dragon Boating.


I’ve had a little bit more time off since quitting my office job – and I’ve used it as an opportunity to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a while. Maintaining friendships with people who have played integral roles in your life is a great way to stay grounded and avoid the ‘noise’ and criticism of the world.


I said in my last Editor’s Note that I was going to start a weekly segment called ‘Top Talks’. Mainly, it’s because I feel like it’s important to continuously learn and improve, and listening to others is vital to understanding ourselves and the way we feel about the world, compared to how other people might view it.

Body of Water
Pink and Blue Watercolor Painting


Sometimes, we don’t know all the answers. And that’s okay. What isn’t okay, is expecting someone else to know them. We are all flawed and limited, and speaking to a professional is a great way to begin to understand not only our weaknesses, but out strengths. Sometimes the idea of speaking to someone can be daunting, but it’s worth it.


This is a new one for me. I haven’t really painted much since high-school, but I decided to give it a try. I won’t share any of my paintings just yet (they’re average at best), but the point isn’t to show them to anyone. The point (for me at least) is to see where my mind takes me and the brush.


We sometimes forget that there are people around us who are all working on themselves, and trying to keep their head above water too. Being able to appreciate the people in your life, whether it’s a partner, the check-out person or a friend, is such an amazing feeling.

What next?

Spring is starting to look busier and busier… I’ll be starting my first shifts, Dragon Boat Race Season starts, the weather is getting nicer and the pile of books I’ve bought (but haven’t read) is rapidly increasing.

Which reminds me, if you have any reading suggestions for me – let me know! I’d love to know what everyone else has on their bookshelf at the moment! You can email me, or add me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn.

In the coming month, I’ll hopefully be posting a weekly ‘Top Talk’ still, as well as finding time for a few articles in between. I’m hoping that spring will be a good time find my creativity, and maybe a little bit of down-time too.

I hope you all have an incredible September, full of happiness and love – and don’t forget to reach out and ask for support when you need it, and check in on your friends. x

Selective Focus Photo of Pile of Assorted-title Books

Editor’s Note: August.

I’m celebrating!


I know it’s only been a month since the last time I wrote an Editor’s Note to you all, but so much has happened!!

You may notice I’ve decided to decorate this page with balloons, rather than the lovely leaves I usually use for my monthly Editor’s Note. The reason?

I’m celebrating!

Why? Well… where to start?!

I quit my office job, I’m finally seeing a psychologist who isn’t ridiculously uninterested, my baby brother was born in May and is the cutest little thing I’ve ever met and I start my new job next Monday!

Assorted-color Aired Balloons Under Blue Sky
Image may contain: one or more people, people sleeping and closeup
Look at his cute little face!


This month, I decided to start a new segment on the blog, named ‘Top Talks’. I really love watching talks, speeches and lectures from people who are creative, intelligent and inspiring… so I wanted to share my favourites with you. You can find the first one here.

I’ve also been reading quite a bit lately – I’m currently getting through ‘Daring Greatly’ by Brené Brown, ‘Mentors’ by Russel Brand and have just bought ’12 Rules for Life’ by Jordan B. Peterson.

I’ve also written a couple of really fun, empowering articles, including:

How Embracing Your Mental Illness Can Empower You

Turning Your Anger Into Action

Re-Humanizing The Workplace


A lot of people have been asking about my new job. I’ll be working for Baptist Care SA, which is a nonprofit organization which helps a wide range of people in the community, including young people, the homeless/ displaced, people with disabilities, the elderly and indigenous people (to name a few).

I’m looking forward to this new chapter, which has meant quitting my permanent, full-time gig and taking on casual employment.

I am nervous, but excited for what the future holds.

Assorted-color Aired Balloons Under Blue Sky


Assorted-color Aired Balloons Under Blue Sky

This month is all about new beginnings.

For me. it’s also about embracing failure, taking risks and being my most authentic self. I’m hoping you can follow and join me on this exciting new path, learning and empowering each other to reach your full potential!

For my Australian friends, this is the start of the final month of winter – so here’s hoping for some sunshine by the end of the month. For my American friends, the leaves will fall and the weather will drop, and for all my friends in countries all around the world (I see you!) we are all coming into a season of generosity and friendship.

Let’s make it a good one!

I hope you all have an AMAZING August, and remember to reach out if you’re struggling, be a good neighbour and always check in on your friends! x

Editor’s Note: JULY

July – a time for reflection.

June has been an incredibly turbulent month, full of highs and lows. I have so much to say, and yet somehow, every time I try to speak, the words don’t come out quite right.

July is approaching – and I am caught in a hurricane, spinning between not saying anything, and saying far too much – so this month, I’ll try to use this space as a way to reflect and send out some appreciation.

I recently finished reading ‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak.

What a wonderful, terrible story of all that is wrong (and right) in the world. One of the passages that stuck with me from the book was this:


Not leaving: an act of trust and love, often deciphered by children.

Not leaving.

Something so simple, yet so profoundly valuable and comforting.

It’s those that sit with us in the darkest of times; and strike a match and remind us they will always be there for us, without saying a word, that we ought to love a little harder and hold a little tighter.

Those people that sit in silence next to us, keeping us company while we cut the world off, are the ones that truly love us.

They let us know, perhaps not in words, that everything is going to be okay, and that they’re not going anywhere.

They hold our hands on a journey they never even asked for.

They are there without fail, with no reason and no motive, only wishing for our happiness.

We have times in our lives when the world is so dark and cold; it feels like we could be swallowed up by the Earth and no one would even notice.

There are times when our anger burns red-hot, and we feel like we will burst into flames.

And there are also times when we are so happy, our smiles reach our eyes and radiate something wonderful into this world.

And for all those things and more, they are there.

They don’t leave.

They are the ones who love us, despite it all. The best and the worst of us.

This month, as the weather changes, and the tides turn, don’t forget your person.

And if you can, be that person for them too.

I hope you all have an amazing July, lifting each other up and not leaving each other behind. X

Editor’s Note: JUNE.

Winter Has Come!

Winter Has Come…

And just like that, the start of the year is gone, and we find ourselves bracing for the wind, rain and cold weather of winter.

Winter has never been my favourite season – mainly because it means spending less time outside enjoying the sunshine and more time indoors and inside my own head.

I guess the secret to surviving any season of our lives is to turn towards the things (and people) we love, and embrace the changes as they come – from the falling leaves to the frost on our windows – anything is beautiful if you look at it in the right way.

‘Acceptance of a thing makes it easier … No amount of resisting ever kept winter from coming.’

– Scott Tracey

Keeping Ourselves Warm…

Winter in the Flinders Ranges, Australia, where I spent my teenage years, was cold as frozen iron, where the slate floors threatened to freeze you where you stood and the frost on the windows made the dull morning sun dance in a thousand directions on the walls.

The rain came down in sheets, following the hastily dug trench Dad would dig in a bid to direct the water away from the house, winding its way down the driveway and onto the dirt road where we lived, until it pooled in big puddles for days after.

The icy drafts blew through the house, where our old cottage would whistle through the cracks in the french windows. We would all huddle under blankets in the lounge room, where the open fireplace crackled, filling the room with warmth. I’d wake up in the early hours of the morning to Dad stoking the embers, making sure the fire didn’t go out before it was time for us to get up and get ready for school.

In our house, the rule was, we would walk to school, unless it was raining. So most mornings, we would rug up in scarves, gloves and beanies, and trudge down our dirt road until we reached town. The icy wind bit at exposed faces and ankles, and by the time we reached school, our cheeks would be raw and rosy from the cold.

Winter was a time for connection, and reflection, and so it has stayed that way for me. Even now, when the wind starts to blow and the rain hits my windows, I crave the company of loved ones and remember the winters that have passed and how nothing stays the same from season to season.

Midway through a particularly cold winter one year, on a cold Sunday morning, I found out a friend of mine had passed away the night before. I still remember the way the sky looked that day – how the clouds blanketed the town as I rode my bike through the lonely streets, wishing it would just pour down with rain and wash me away.

There’s something strangely nostalgic about the melancholia I get as the days darken.

Winter Doesn’t Last Forever.

If you’re like me, winter can be a bittersweet time – on the one hand, it can be filled with the memories of younger years and on the other, it can be a time of immense sadness.

I’ve found that the best way to get through winter is to embrace the darkness, in order to appreciate the warmer months.

What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of the winter to give it sweetness?

– John Steinbeck

Take time during winter to look after yourself, to reflect and prepare for a new season – like a caterpillar waiting to transform. There is beauty hidden in the darkest of places, but it is only us who can find it and appreciate it. It’s surprising, how much optimism we actually have, if only we change the way we think about things.

And I’ve found that the best way to change the way you think, is to find a new perspective. Whether that might be taking a class, volunteering at a shelter, listening to someone over a coffee, reading a biography or simply asking questions – winter is the perfect opportunity to do it.

Let’s Look After Each Other.

As we head into winter, it’s easy to hide away, slip under the radar and go into ‘hibernation’.

It’s also easy to forget that the people around you might need to be pulled out of their slump too.

So let’s not forget about the people around us, and the people right in front of us as the cold sets in. Winter doesn’t stop for anyone, and the rain will fall on us all, regardless of our age, gender, race or any other factor.

Let’s lift each other up, keep each other warm, and offer a helping hand.

‘People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.’

– Anton Chekhov

I hope you all keep warm and happy as the cold sets in, and I look forward to hearing from you all, as I have in the previous months! As always, feel free to connect with me on social media, or contact me if you need a friend, some advice or just someone to talk to.

Have an amazing June! X

Editor’s Note: MAY.

Another Month Gone!

Another Month Gone!

It seems as though this year has flown by so far. There is so much to say, and so little time to say it!

Which is why I thought I’d take some time to remind everyone to take time for themselves. We can all get so caught up in our lives that we forget to unwind.

Mental Health Is Everyone’s Responsibility.

This month, I’ve spent a lot of time reading and writing about mental health issues, especially in the work place – see here. A lot of workplaces do not adequately provide for their staff who may struggle with Mental Illness, and it can make or break the way staff see their company, what the company culture is like and how loyal people are likely to be to their workplaces.

Having sound mental health is incredibly important, and it is everyone’s responsibility to keep the topic talked about and away from stigmatization. Our mental stresses can sometimes be swept under the rug or left as a non-priority in lieu of tackling the other issues in our lives.

Balancing work, a social life, finances, relationships and family responsibilities can be difficult for the best of us, but that is all the more reason to prioritize our mental health.

We Need To Look After Each Other.

This month, I would urge each and every one of you to really keep an eye on the people around you.

Many people around us may be struggling and don’t have the courage to say anything (which is okay), but the more we ask those simple questions like ‘are you okay?’ or ‘do you want to catch up over coffee?’ or simply by taking the time out of our day to do a nice deed for another can really make a positive impact.

Mental Illness has touched my life personally in many ways, many times. Along with struggling with my own Mental Health, I’ve also been active in helping out the people around me who are struggling, including family members and friends. There have been times where I have appreciated a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on, and there have been times when I have been that person for someone else.

No kind act is ever lost to the universe, and the more we give, the more we receive in return.

Let’s Make May A Positive Mental Health Month.

This month, take time to focus on yourself. Book that massage. Paint that painting. Buy those bath-bombs. Finish that DIY project. Learn a new skill. Finish that book you forgot you were reading.

But also, take time to focus on others. Ask someone out for coffee. Make a phone call. Send a message. Send someone flowers. Help someone with something. Ask if your friends are okay. Check in with your grand-parents, Mum, Dad, sibling. We are all on the same planet, and we’re all made just the same, and we all struggle from time to time.

Let’s not let our struggles define us, but instead let us be defined by how we react to the struggles around us.

Have a happy and positive month, and I look forward to hearing from you all. It’s been so lovely getting to know some of you over the last month and making friends all over the world. Be kind to one another, and I’m sure you’ll hear from me again soon! x

Editor’s Note: APRIL

Welcome to my brand-spanking-new feature: Monthly Editor Notes!


Well hello there.

Welcome to my brand-spanking-new feature: Monthly Editorial Notes!

I know I haven’t said much outside of my articles and posts up until now, but I thought it might be nice to start writing a small update on what’s happening in my life each month, and any thoughts I have about where we’re at in the year.

Please feel free to get in touch, comment, share your opinions, or add me on Social Media. I’d love to get to know you all!

Because this is the first Editor’s Note, I thought it might be nice to write a generic ‘Getting to Know You’ survey, so I can tell you a little about myself and you, the reader, can understand me a little better.

So away we go!











Shayde Morley



Customer Communications Manager

4 (soon to be 5)

Tanika: 24

Billy: 21

Amber: 17

Nikyta: 13

Jesse: not born yet





South Australia (where I live)





The United Kingdom, Including:

London & Oxford


The United States, Including:




New Mexico









New Zealand (where my Mum is from)



2 Miniature Dachshunds:

Albus (Long Haired Dapple)

Arlo (Smooth Haired Red)

They have their own Instagram (yes, I’m one of those people):






Writing for The Art of Overthinking

Dragon Boating – see my side blog: http://without1paddle.wordpress.com


Walking my two Dachshunds



Suzuki Vitara (I only put this in because I work at a Car Dealership)


I can’t choose one thing! If I had to narrow it down, it would be ice-cream, chocolate mousse or a burrito from Zambreros.


I love volunteering, and have volunteered at the RSPCA, The Youth Advisory Committee in my home town and as a Youth Mentor with the Sammy D Foundation.

Aside from volunteering, I also support Sea Shepherd Australia by attending their beach clean-ups, and have a couple of recycling bins at home that I fill with cans & bottles, and once full, the proceeds go to them (in South Australia, you get 10 cents for every can or bottle you recycle).

I also helped start a fundraiser at work which collects cans & bottles from customers, with the proceeds going towards the Royal Society for the Blind’s ‘Pupstar’ program to train up Guide Dogs.


I am very lucky to be surrounded by people I can count on, but I have a few people who deserve particular mentions: TJ, my partner, who is wise beyond his years; My Dad, who is an aid worker with Edge Church (and is currently planning a trip to Peru); and my best friend, James, who comes from Athens and always knows just what to say when I’m down.


This one’s an easy one: ‘Caution, tends to Overthink to the point she thinks the world will end.’


This is very Australian but probably Witchety Grub or Emu?


I have two movies I watch when I’m sad to cheer me up: Pineapple Express and Christopher Robin.


Pepsi Max. I am disgustingly, unashamedly addicted to it.

I hope this has been enlightening for you! As we carry on this journey, I’m sure you will get to know me, and I will share some more of the not-so-nice parts of my life too. But for now, we will leave it at this, and I look forward to reading your messages and comments! x