Welcome to The Art of Overthinking.

I’m so glad you found me!

My name is Shayde, and I’m the Editor of The Art of Overthinking.

I originally created ‘The Art of Overthinking’ as a creative outlet, as I struggled to deal with my emotions & thoughts, and tended to bottle them all up.

I am and always will be an Overthink-er.

My hope for anyone visiting this site is that you find inspiration, happiness, education or whatever else it is that you might be searching for.

I firmly believe that this space is as much for you as it is for me – so please feel free to comment, interact or get in touch! I am always happy to have a chat, and in the New Year, would love to feature some content written by others.

“A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.”
– Lee Odden

About the content:

The Art of Overthinking has a daily section titled ‘Quote of The Day’ – and always references the source of the quote as accurately as possible.

There are also articles that have been written, where references are required – and The Art of Overthinking endeavors to do this as transparently as possible.

The Art of Overthinking also uses photographs and graphics from a variety of talented and diverse sources, such as:

Google, Pexels, Weheartit and Pinterest – but the source and link to the graphics is always attached.

If you are ever concerned that this has not been done, you notice a mistake, or have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact the me directly, as it is never my intention to take credit for anything that is not an original idea.

And lastly…

Thank you for visiting The Art of Overthinking!