Book Review: The Wife and The Widow.

A review of: The Wife and The Widow – By Christian White.



The Wife and The Widow


Christian White









The Wife and The Widow is White’s (author) second novel, following the spectacular release of his debut novel, ‘The Nowhere Child‘.

The Wife and The Widow follows two stories: one of a wife named Abby, and the other of a widow – Kate. Both women find themselves on the island of Belport, searching for a murderer, and answers to questions they haven’t even thought of yet.

But as they search, they uncover things best left buried, with their stories becoming dark and increasingly intertwined.

My Thoughts:

Christian White’s second book really proves that the first one wasn’t just ‘beginner’s luck’. The Wife and The Widow is an extraordinary book following an incredibly intricate series of events – but White pulls it off stunningly well.

Although it is hard to write a detailed plot review without too many spoilers, The Wife and The Widow reminded me of ‘The Silent Patient‘ in some respects, by creating suspense by containing more than one point of view of the same incidents. It is hard to flaw this novel, as it is so precisely written, in order to keep the reader captivated until the very last word.

Christian White is truly someone to keep an eye on – he is currently working on his third novel, which will no doubt be much anticipated by his growing fan-base (myself included). I would 100% recommend reading this one!

My Rating: 5/5

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