Book Review: The President Is Missing.

A review of: The President Is Missing – By Bill Clinton & James Patterson.


The President is Missing


James Patterson & Bill Clinton


Crime Fiction, Mystery







What happens if a cyber-terror attack was to occur in the United States – on a scale that could take every electronic device in the country, and completely shut it down? There would be no phones, no internet. no television and no computers.

But what about the stock market? What happens if every person’s wealth dropped to zero? What happens if all the government’s data was wiped? How would we know who has healthcare? Who would be able to tell criminals from civilians – the rich from the poor – or even our own identities, all stored electronically? Who could access the nations nuclear weapons?

Without cyber-security the entire nation, and even the world, is at risk of rapid deterioration.

The President is Missing follows the story of the United States’ President Duncan, as he navigates the political minefield of his workplace and an immediate, imminent threat to his country. Enemies from around the world are planning a cyber-attack of epic proportions, threatening to completely disrupt civilian lives.

With time and lives on the line, the President is forced to question who in his inner circle is trustworthy, and who is not. And then, he goes missing, with an entire nation waiting with bated breath and an administration left in confusion.

My Thoughts:

I decided to go out on a limb with this novel. This isn’t generally the type of book that I read, but I decided that it could be interesting, as it was co-authored by a former President.

Although it is very obvious that James Patterson probably wrote 90% (or more) of this book, there were some interesting details and small snippets of information provided about what life might be like in the White House, which definitely came from Clinton himself.

The President is Missing was a better book than I expected, although quite predictable in some parts. It got me thinking about how scary things would get if we did fall victim to a large scale cyber-attack. The fact that there are people working day in and day out, both on our side and on the enemy’s side, is both scary and comforting all at the same time.

I liked this book, and if you’re into a generic kind of thriller, mixed with a little ‘something extra’, this might be the book for you.

My Rating: 3/5

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