You Are A Miraculous Work Of Art.

Stop limiting yourself.
You are a miraculous work of art.
Treat yourself like one.


This world is a strange place to be.


Strange, but also equally incredible. Strong, but also vulnerable. Patient, but impatiently so.

The world is strange. But also quite miraculous.


It’s a miracle in it’s own right that you’re even here.

Conceived; born and alive; breathing the perfect mix of molecules in the atmosphere; with the senses to look, feel, smell and hear; with an evolved enough brain to understand what the symbols written on this electronic device mean, so that you might be able to read this paragraph.


It’s a miracle you woke up this morning.

That your body can continue to function reflexively even when you’re unconscious. That while you sleep, your body can drop your blood pressure and body temperature, repair individual cells, forget useless information from the previous day and make sure your heart still beats and your lungs still breathe.


It’s a miracle that the Earth is the exact distance from the Sun to be able to sustain life and not destroy it.

Every second, an infinite number of strange, incredible and miraculous things happen around us, and to us, and are us.



So why do we limit ourselves?


Why do we tell ourselves it’s impossible to do certain things>

To be who we truly want to be?

To love who we love?

To want what we want?


I’ll tell you.

It’s because from the moment we are born, we are given boundaries, limitations and constraints. Physically, mentally, educationally, emotionally… the list goes on.

Cots and bassinets. Play-pens. Backyards. Hospitals. Houses and Churches. School. Work. Rules. Laws. Money. Speech. Language. Ethnicity. Right down to the ticking time-bomb that is our own mortality: Life-Span.

We grow up in a world that gives us ideals and what structure looks like. A world that gives us someone else’s purpose – go to school, get a job, get married, have children, pay tax… Be pawns in someone else’s game… Most of us spend our entire lives ‘Working for the Man’.

We lose sight of what we want. What we could achieve. What drives us.


So what does drive you?

When you think about what truly makes you happy, why should you shy away from it?

You are a miraculous, living, breathing work of art. So treat yourself like one.

This world doesn’t stop for any one, or any thing. We all have the limitation of our own mortality hanging over our heads.

So then, yes, perhaps we do have a time-frame (but even time is a man-made constraint). Perhaps we do have our socioeconomic and environmental factors to consider. Maybe we do have family and friends to think about.


But that doesn’t stop the world being a strange and miraculous place.

And if you think that if you quit your job and chase your dreams, that you will drop dead on the spot of Earth that you stand on – you’re wrong.

If you think that walking away from a relationship instantly means you won’t ever find love again – you’re wrong.

If you think that wanting to go back to study in your 50’s is a waste of time – you’re wrong.

If you think that being positive about your circumstances is just wishful thinking – you’re wrong.


The world doesn’t work like that.

The world has a strange way of correcting itself, second after second.

If you think the world can sustain infinite miracle every second of the day and night for all of conceivable eternity, factoring in countless millennia of natural selection and genetic mutation, can you really tell me it can’t sustain one person’s change of path?

Are you honestly telling me that you can accept the infinite miracles around you, but you can’t accept yourself?

That you can’t accept that perhaps you do deserve something more?

Are you trying to tell me that you’re happy to accept your fate, and that you can’t quit your job, learn something new, pick up a hobby, leave a relationship, travel the world or carry out any of the endless scenarios in your mind… but the world can and is a living, breathing miracle? No.


Your fate isn’t determined.

You’re just stuck in a world of limitations. And once you open your eyes and see the world for what it truly is, you will understand how incredible it is that you are even here in this very moment.

You are literally made of the same molecules, atoms and building blocks that the rest of the world is made of. Every second – nanosecond even – your body creates so many miracles through its day-to-day functions, from blinking, breathing, thinking, seeing and hearing, that it is literally impossible to imagine.



Stop limiting yourself.

You are a miraculous work of art.

Treat yourself like one.




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