Forked Tongues.

A poem.


they say some demons are fallen angels,

and how true that often our demons

are the ones

we used to love

and put on a pedestal

for the world to see.


they could do no wrong –

the apple of our eye,

we were completely blind

to the bubbling lava

forming in their bellies

filled with nothing but hate.


and their forked tongues

were once singing us to sleep

but now their words

keep us awake

while we trip on their lies

and step in their traps.


they’re the people we once held

and shared everything with,

the ones who we trusted

to keep our secrets safe –

but now they are weapons

in the hands of an enemy.


these demons, they tread carefully,

knowing precisely where to step,

exactly which buttons to push

and just what to whisper

just loud enough

to make our blood boil.


and we treated them like family

and we gave them all we had,

and they took it

and turned it toxic,

laughing  as they set fire

to what used to be a home.


because we can’t always tell

a wolf in sheep’s wool,

and we don’t always know

that the company we keep

will one day turn against us

and burn us like fire.

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