Golden Hour.

A poem.

step by step

the sand sinks deeper into my shoes

infiltrating my socks

squeezing between my toes,

and the abrasiveness

reminds me i still feel something.


slowly, slowly

the breeze pulls my hair loose

until it billows around me

like the sheets on the line

after they’ve been hung to dry

like i have.


the smell of the ocean

is like an old friend

i breathe the nostalgia in

and it takes me

far away from here

to a happier place.


little by little,

the sun sets on another day

and the world turns golden,

reminding me of you

and the way your eyes shine

when you smile.



i walk.

waiting for another day,

praying for a time already passed

breathing the ocean air

until my tears dry up.


step by step,

little by little,

breath by breath.

slowly, slowly,

lonely, i walk in this golden hour

until darkness comes once more.




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