This Lifetime Around.

A poem.


they say, in reincarnation,

soulmates are bonded souls,

who choose to unite

again and again

in order to help the other

no matter what form that takes.


and they say that soulmates

provide a reflection of ourselves

because they have seen us

in so many forms

from so many lives

and loved us a thousand times.


no matter what form we are in

this lifetime around,

it’s hard to mistake the connection.

there’s an understanding

that is not bound by time

but by love.


and love doesn’t mean just one thing

i’ve come to realise.

because looking into your eyes

just helps me recognise

who it is that you are

and who i am.


true friends are few and far between,

but we’ve been friends before.

i’d make you a thousand paper cranes

if it guaranteed your happiness,

because seeing you happy

is the greatest gift of all.



your eyes tell me secrets

and crinkle when you laugh.

they dance in the light

and watch over me

just as i watch over you.


we were destined to meet,

and to help each other grow.

i know this now.

and I can only hope you know

you fill a void in this life

i never knew i had.






3 thoughts on “This Lifetime Around.”

  1. A magnificent manifestation of thoughts, the way you so splendidly expressed the emotions of love was truly heart-warming. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 😊


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