A poem.


we’re forever cursed with bad timing

and perfect chemistry

and i wonder if this is purposeful

or simply chaotic tragedy.

wonder as i may

the answer never comes.


but everyday i see you

and my brow furrows just a little bit more.

you’re right in front of me

at an arms reach

but still so far away

that i simply grasp at empty air.


and your eyes tell me something

completely different to your lips

and it drives me insane

looking into your soul

having the key to a vault

that is unattainable.


and as i think about this

i wonder what you see in mine

because my eyes are the only thing

that give away the sadness

that my mind carries

and my heart feels.


but i guess that’s just it –

bad timing and chemistry.

they love each other, like we love each other.

but we’re destined to walk

in different directions

for all eternity.

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