Caged Birds.

A poem.

we sit here quietly, like we always do

knowing we both feel the same way


so we stare away instead.


there’s so many people around us

that don’t even know we exist


yet all i see is you.


i glance at you from the corner of my eye

but you’re already glancing back.


and i know you feel it too.


there’s a warmth that i can’t explain

there’s something special when we lock eyes


something no one else sees.


the steam rises from our coffees

and i’m reminded of how simple


life is with you around.


but love isn’t always a saviour

sometimes it is an enemy instead


when it isn’t allowed to fly free.


because that’s what this feeling is

it’s the feeling of being trapped


like lonely, caged birds.


and some things aren’t meant to last

but even sadder still


are the things that can’t even begin.


so i guess that’s what we are

destined to expire


like our coffee growing cold.


it’s hard to admit but perhaps

some things are better left unsaid


and buried with a lie.


like a flower trimmed before it blooms

love isn’t always easy


especially with you.



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